05 October 2010

unlimited bass boost on realtek soundcard

Do you feel like your iPhone or iPod needs more bass? Is your favorite Equalizer setting "Bass Boost?" Wish your headphones sounded as good as your home or car stereo system? do not need expensive headphones, super soundcards, just need softwares and your ordinary realtek become extreme. Maybe it's time you may want to try what I've done before.
first step you need a x-fi console at http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=4900645

and here's how to do it

enable bass boost, bass at 20 Hz and 12db level
speaker configuration on headphone

disable EAX effect

disable x-fi CMSS-3D

enable x-fi crystalizer, set at maximum

enable EQ, set at V configuration

disable EQ at windows media player

setting at SRS wow effect see pic above "tru bass" level.

and done, enjoy.

thanks to DaMn PoLitiC (kaskuser)

2 komentar:

Emilie Briggs said...

That link leads to an Indonesian dating site -_-'

Guzzi sager said...

Very informative and well written post! Quite interesting and nice topic chosen for the post.

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