01 April 2010

adding speed smart modem

okey just yes, now you see the picture below, the smart connection speed of 921.6 kbps seem to have, using hp smart modem that I used to use the internet for free 6 months, and now enough with 50,000 already unlimited 15 days.

How to maximize how you?
just you watch and practice the following steps:

1. Right click on your smart internet connection and select Properties, then will appear as shown below,

2. Then on the General tab click Configure, then will appear Modem Configuration, you can see there is no choice Maximum speed (bps), well there you select wrote in maximum, which is 921kbps. then click Ok and Ok again. By default when I first connected the smart speed is at 115kbps position, after disconection try
repeat dial, the modem speed is changed to 921kbps.

3. Now try to see the speed dial later.

Who need to remember here, allotment of smart internet connection can automatic adjust the maximum speed of our modems.

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